Hightower Products and Services

Hightower Racing Transmissions, Inc
. is a dealer for many quality racing products.
  Among those are:

                Quarter Master Industries                           Richmond Gear
                Schaeffer Oils                                              Polymer Dynamics
                Drive Train Specialists (DTS)                      Tiger Rear-Ends
                SKF & INA Bearings                                   Motive Gear

By providing quality products and services, we improve performance and durability to help you win races and Championships.

                                                           The Importance of REM Polishing

Racing transmissions are exposed to high RPMs, and extreme temperatures. Friction under these conditions causes overheating, loss of horsepower, and, ultimately, failure of interacting metal surfaces. Polishing the gears, shafts and other inner parts, creates a smooth finish that not only extends the life of your transmission, it reduces friction and increases efficiency and horsepower.
We REM polish all the inner parts of our transmissions. REM Surface Engineering has been providing excellent resurfacing products since 1965. We are proud to offer this process to our racing professionals.


Rebuilding your transmission plays an important part in protecting your investment.  It also gives you the edge to win.  Preventive maintenance is the key to superior transmission performance.
We disassemble, clean and inspect every piece of your transmission.  Input and output shafts are checked for straightness. Bearings are replaced if pitted or worn. Gears and other parts are replaced where needed and may be lightened and REM polished.

We rebuild:

Hightower transmissions           
Richmond T10

                        How to measure your transmission for a shifter setback bracket.

How to measure your transmission

Draw a straight, vertical line through the center of the bolts on the shifter handle, down to the bottom of the tail housing. 
Then, measure along the length of the transmission from the front of the case to the vertical line you just drew.